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analytic philosophy a type of philosophy that uses common language and everyday experiences to analyze concepts.
cinéma vérité (French) a style of filmmaking in which realism is the objective, accomplished through filming unscripted everyday situations with hand-held cameras.
genre of or concerning representational paintings that depict scenes of everyday life. [1/3 definitions]
genre painting a kind of painting in which everyday subjects or scenes are treated realistically.
imagism a literary movement of the early twentieth century, esp. among English and American poets, that emphasized the use of precise images, free verse, and everyday speech.
informal of language, characteristic of or appropriate to everyday conversation or casual writing. [1/3 definitions]
maven a person with specialized knowledge, often in practical or everyday matters; expert or connoisseur.
mundane of or pertaining to what is common and everyday; ordinary; commonplace. [1/2 definitions]
pop art a form of modern art that uses subjects from everyday life and the mass media, and adapts techniques of commercial art such as comic strips.
practical connected or concerned with the realities of everyday living or managing. [1/5 definitions]
Romaic the everyday language of modern Greece. [1/2 definitions]
truth (sometimes cap.) ultimate reality apart from everyday experience. [1/6 definitions]
vernacular of, relating to, or spoken or written in the common, everyday language of a people or region. [1/3 definitions]
workaday ordinary; mundane; everyday. [1/2 definitions]