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alarmist one who tends to exaggerate dangers and raise undue alarms. [1/2 definitions]
blow up to exaggerate, as a story. [1/5 definitions]
bullshit (vulgar slang) to lie, exaggerate, or boast to. [1/5 definitions]
ham2 to exaggerate or overact, as in a theatrical role. [1/3 definitions]
inflate to cause to seem larger or more important than reality warrants; exaggerate. [1/5 definitions]
mythomania in psychiatry, an abnormal compulsion to exaggerate or lie.
overdraw to exaggerate the qualities of in a drawing, description, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
overexaggerate combined form of exaggerate.
overplay to exaggerate (something) when translating it into gesture or behavior; overact. [1/2 definitions]
overstate to inflate the importance of; exaggerate.
stretch a point to exaggerate.