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a1 a grade given for excellent academic work. [1/6 definitions]
ace excellent; outstanding. [1/7 definitions]
admirable worthy of being admired; excellent.
A-O.K. (informal) perfectly fine; in excellent working order.
awesome (slang) terrific; excellent. [1/2 definitions]
b a grade given for good, but not excellent, academic work. [1/5 definitions]
bang-up (informal) done very well; excellent.
beautiful excellent. [1/3 definitions]
better in a more desirable or excellent manner. [2/14 definitions]
bully1 (informal) of superior quality; excellent. [1/5 definitions]
choice of high quality; excellent. [1/7 definitions]
classic of the first rank or class; excellent. [1/8 definitions]
copper a chemical element that has twenty-nine protons in each nucleus and occurs as a reddish brown, corrosion-resistant solid metal with excellent electrical conductivity, widely used for wiring and in pipes, and in alloys such as brass and bronze. (symbol: Cu). [1/7 definitions]
crackerjack an excellent person or thing. [1/2 definitions]
dandy (informal) something excellent or especially pleasing. [2/4 definitions]
ducky (informal) excellent; delightful; fine.
exceptional superior or excellent. [1/2 definitions]
fabulous (informal) exceptionally pleasing; excellent. [1/3 definitions]
famous (informal) excellent. [1/2 definitions]
fine1 excellent in quality, skill, character, or nature. [1/11 definitions]
finely in a delicate, refined, or excellent way. [1/2 definitions]