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bar1 to exclude, especially by an agency or person in authority. [1/13 definitions]
buzzword a fashionable, short-lived word or phrase that originates either in media use or in a specialized group, and that is intended to impress or exclude the hearer, because of its apparent profundity or significance.
debar to shut out; exclude. [1/2 definitions]
disinherit to exclude from or deprive of an inheritance. [1/2 definitions]
except to fail to include; leave out; exclude. [1/5 definitions]
excommunicate to exclude, by formal order, from the privileges of membership and communion in the Roman Catholic Church. [1/3 definitions]
in-group a group of people with common interests or attitudes who tend to exclude those with different interests or attitudes.
marginalize to exclude or treat as being of no importance, esp. so as to divert attention from.
ostracize to exclude or shun, by general agreement of the group imposing the exclusion. [1/2 definitions]
suspend to exclude for disciplinary reasons. [1/7 definitions]