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afterburner a device that increases the thrust of a jet engine by injecting fuel into the exhaust gases for burning. [2 definitions]
catalytic converter an antipollution device on automobiles that consists of a chemical filter connected to the exhaust system.
deplete to lessen drastically; exhaust.
drain to cause to be used up; exhaust. [1/10 definitions]
exhaust the parts of an engine or other apparatus through which waste vapors are channeled; exhaust system. [1/11 definitions]
exhaustless combined form of exhaust.
fanjet a jet engine that uses an impeller fan to draw in more air than is needed for fuel combustion, the excess being mixed with the products of the combustion to form an exhaust jet that provides extra thrust; turbofan. [1/2 definitions]
frazzle (informal) to tire out; exhaust one's body or nerves. [1/3 definitions]
harass to hinder or exhaust (an opponent) by repeated attacks. [1/2 definitions]
header a pipe or tube that brings together several pipes or tubes, as at an exhaust manifold. [1/5 definitions]
impoverish to exhaust the natural richness or strength of. [1/2 definitions]
jet propulsion propulsion of aircraft and some small ships that results from the high-velocity expulsion of compressed outside air and hot exhaust gases through a jet nozzle.
jet stream the exhaust of a reaction engine such as a jet or rocket. [1/2 definitions]
muffler a device used to deaden sound, esp. that mounted on the underside of an automobile to muffle the sound of gases emitted from the exhaust. [1/2 definitions]
nitrogen dioxide a slightly toxic gas composed of nitrogen and oxygen, found in smog and automotive exhaust, and synthesized for use in nitration and oxidation, and as a catalyst.
outwear to render unfit for use or exhaust by wear; wear out. [1/3 definitions]
overwork to cause to work too many hours; exhaust with labor. [1/4 definitions]
PCV abbreviation of "positive crankcase ventilation," the flow of engine exhaust fumes into an auto engine's cylinders, as part of a pollution control system.
PCV valve a one-way valve that regulates the flow of engine exhaust fumes into an auto engine's cylinders, as part of a pollution control system.
poppet an intake or exhaust valve that can rapidly plug or unplug an opening, often driven by a spring for rapid repetition; poppet valve. [1/2 definitions]
prostrate to exhaust physically or emotionally. [1/6 definitions]