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abort to experience the end of a pregnancy before the fetus is able to survive. [1/6 definitions]
accustom to become used to or familiar with by use or experience; habituate.
ache to produce or experience a dull, constant pain. [1/4 definitions]
afterglow a warm, pleasing memory of a recent experience. [1/2 definitions]
aftertaste the feeling that lingers after an experience, esp. an unpleasant one, is over. [1/2 definitions]
a posteriori based on experience or observation, rather than on theory or hypothesis. [1/2 definitions]
a priori based on hypothesis, theory, fixed rules, or established forms rather than on experience or experiment. [1/3 definitions]
armchair lacking direct involvement or practical experience. [1/2 definitions]
assimilate to absorb and incorporate (knowledge, experience, or the like). [1/8 definitions]
athirst eager, as for knowledge or experience.
background the sum of a person's experience, education, and origins, esp. as they relate to his present character or situation. [1/5 definitions]
ball2 (informal) a very good time or experience. [1/2 definitions]
baptism of fire a soldier's first experience of being in combat and under fire. [1/2 definitions]
bask to experience and enjoy approval or favor. [1/3 definitions]
bear2 (informal) a difficult experience or problem. [1/5 definitions]
blush to experience embarrassment or shame (usu. fol. by "at" or "for"). [1/7 definitions]
bookish tending to rely on book learning more than on other experience. [1/3 definitions]
book learning knowledge acquired from books or in school rather than through practical experience. [1/2 definitions]
broad-gauge of wide range, experience, application, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
bummer (slang) any unpleasant or unsatisfactory experience or thing.
burn to experience strong emotion, such as anger or desire. [1/14 definitions]