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afterdamp a suffocating gas or mixture of gases that remains in a mine after a methane explosion or fire.
airburst an explosion of a bomb or shell before it touches the ground.
big bang theory the theory that the universe originated at a fixed point billions of years ago in a cosmic explosion of a mass of hydrogen atoms, and that it has been expanding ever since. (Cf. steady state theory.)
blast an explosion. [3/12 definitions]
blow2 to become destroyed or dysfunctional because of an explosion or overload. [1/14 definitions]
blowup an explosion. [1/3 definitions]
blow up to destroy or be destroyed through an explosion. [1/5 definitions]
boom1 a full, deep, and prolonged sound, such as an explosion. [1/7 definitions]
burst an act or instance of bursting; explosion. [1/8 definitions]
crater a similar depression in the surface of the earth or other heavenly bodies caused by the impact of falling meteorites or the explosion of a mine or bomb. [1/3 definitions]
explosive capable of causing an explosion. [3 definitions]
fallout the fall of radioactive particles, or the particles themselves, that result from a nuclear explosion. [1/2 definitions]
fireball the white-hot center of a nuclear explosion. [1/4 definitions]
firestorm an intense, widespread fire, caused by heavy conventional bombing or by an atomic explosion. [1/2 definitions]
flash burn damage to body tissue from extreme radiated heat, esp. from a nuclear explosion.
fulmination an explosion. [1/2 definitions]
light off to set fire to (fireworks or the like) in order to cause an explosion, usually for the purpose of entertainment.
megadeath a million dead people, as in a nuclear explosion.
mushroom to take on the shape of a mushroom, esp. as a cloud from a nuclear explosion. [1/7 definitions]
nuclear fission the splitting of an atomic nucleus into lighter fragments, usu. two of comparable mass, with an accompanying release of energy, as in the explosion of an atomic bomb.
nuclear fusion the fusion of atomic nuclei into a more massive nucleus, accompanied by a release of energy, as in the explosion of a hydrogen bomb.