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aerate to expose to the circulation or chemical action of air in order to ventilate or cleanse. [1/3 definitions]
air to expose to the air; place outdoors. [1/8 definitions]
bask to lie in or expose oneself to soothing warmth or atmosphere. [2/3 definitions]
bittersweet a climbing, woody vine found in North America, bearing orange fruit that splits open when ripe to expose red-coated seeds. [1/5 definitions]
debunk to expose or ridicule the falseness or exaggerations of (a claim, theory, or the like).
dry dock a basin-shaped dock that holds a ship and that can be drained or lifted to expose the ship's hull for cleaning or repairs.
excavate to expose by digging away overlying material; unearth. [2/5 definitions]
exhibit to expose for viewing or inspection; present; show. [1/8 definitions]
exhibitionism the pathological desire to expose one's genitalia in public. [1/2 definitions]
flash (slang) to expose one's genitals briefly in public. [1/16 definitions]
fume to expose to or treat with fumes. [1/6 definitions]
fumigate to expose to smoke or chemical fumes, esp. for the purpose of disinfecting or exterminating pests.
give away to expose a secret or crime of; betray. [1/4 definitions]
grease pencil a pencil made of compressed grease mixed with pigment, usu. wrapped in paper that unwinds in a spiral to expose the tip, used esp. to write on slick surfaces.
grin to expose the teeth, as if smiling. [1/5 definitions]
hazard to subject or expose to danger or risk. [1/6 definitions]
irradiate to expose to radiation, esp. as a medical treatment. [1/3 definitions]
moon (slang) to briefly expose one's bare buttocks, as a prank. [1/6 definitions]
muckrake to investigate and expose misconduct or corruption, esp. on the part of political or business leaders.
open to expose to view; reveal. [1/27 definitions]
overexpose to expose to too great a degree or for too long. [1/2 definitions]