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ah used to express surprise, joy, pain, agreement, dislike, and other emotions or reactions according to the context.
ahem a sound as of clearing the throat, used to attract notice, express doubt, or fill in a pause.
alas used to express regret, sorrow, or grief.
aloha in Hawaii, used to express hello, welcome, or good-bye. [1/2 definitions]
amen thus it is; may it be so (used at the end of a prayer or statement to express agreement or approval). [1/3 definitions]
apologetic expressing or wanting to express regret, as for an error or an offense. [1/2 definitions]
apologize to express regret, as for an error or an offense. [1/2 definitions]
articulate to express effectively. [1/10 definitions]
auxiliary verb a verb used usu. with participial forms of other verbs to express certain tenses, aspects, moods, and the like, such as "have" in "I have escaped" and "should" in "You should go".
aw used to express protest, displeasure, disbelief, or the like.
bemoan to express pity or sorrow for. [2/3 definitions]
bewail to mourn or express great sorrow for; wail or cry over; lament. [2 definitions]
blow off steam (informal) to express pent-up anger or frustration in speech or action.
boo used to express, usu. loudly, disagreement, disapproval, or derision. [2/5 definitions]
botheration used to express annoyance. [1/3 definitions]
boy used to express amazement, surprise, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
bravo good! well done! (used to express approval). [2/4 definitions]
bullshit (vulgar slang) used to express disbelief, disgust, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
burst to suddenly express feelings or emotion. [1/8 definitions]
by jingo an exclamation used for emphasis or to express surprise.
can1 used to express the potential for something to happen or to be as one expects. [1/4 definitions]