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abstract expressionism (sometimes cap.) a school of painting that arose after World War II and that was marked by expressive but nonrepresentational images formed by an apparently random and often unconventional application of paint.
eloquent effective and expressive. [1/2 definitions]
gesticulate to make hand movements, esp. so as to be more emphatic or expressive while speaking. [1/2 definitions]
hula a Polynesian dance characterized by rotating hip movements and an expressive pantomime with the arms.
motion an expressive movement of the body, often to communicate meaning; gesture. [1/7 definitions]
pensive suggestive or expressive of a deep, sad thoughtfulness. [1/2 definitions]
peremptory expressive of a command; imperative. [1/4 definitions]
Post-Impressionism a late-nineteenth-century development in French painting, arising out of Impressionism, in which artists further rejected naturalism to study perceptual subtleties or the expressive dynamics in a subject, often through strong color and bold form.
rhapsodic rapturously expressive or impassioned. [1/2 definitions]
soulful expressive of or characterized by deep feeling or profound emotion.
speaking very expressive. [1/4 definitions]
stony showing no emotions; not responsive or expressive. [1/4 definitions]
tone the pitch, accent, or stress of a word, group of words, or speaking voice, esp. as an expressive quality. [1/10 definitions]