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absolute free of any external standard; not relative. [2/7 definitions]
absolutist characterized by ideas, or a belief in ideas, whose truth is unconditional and not subject to any external standard. [1/3 definitions]
bioelectricity the scientific study of biological electric currents and fields and of the effects of external electromagnetic forces on biological systems.
bondage the state of being held in control by external forces. [1/2 definitions]
catalepsy a condition, often associated with epilepsy and schizophrenia, in which the body becomes numb and the limbs rigid, and the victim loses consciousness or fails to respond to external stimuli.
cathect in psychoanalysis, to invest feeling or emotion in someone or something external to oneself.
condyloma a skin growth resembling a wart, usu. found near the anus or on the external genitals.
cosmetic affecting external appearance alone; superficial. [1/4 definitions]
cream an ointment or thick liquid containing medicinal or cosmetic ingredients for external application. [1/14 definitions]
crust any hard or crisp external layer, as of snow. [1/7 definitions]
deus ex machina an external character, force, or the like introduced artificially to achieve such a resolution of plot or situation, as in a modern dramatic production. [1/2 definitions]
diatropism the tendency of some plant organs to assume a position at a right angle to the direction of an external stimulus.
earlap the external ear, or the earlobe. [1/2 definitions]
ego the self, as distinguished from other persons and the external world. [2/5 definitions]
emancipate to free from some external control or constraint, such as enslavement or ignorance. [1/2 definitions]
empathy the attribution of one's personal feelings or attitudes to an external object. [1/2 definitions]
entropy the natural and irreversible tendency toward randomness and disorder in any system without an external source of energy. [1/3 definitions]
environmental of or pertaining to external conditions or surroundings. [1/3 definitions]
exocrine having a duct allowing external secretion. [1/3 definitions]
exogenous having external causes or origins. [1/2 definitions]
exoskeleton an external supporting structure such as the shell of a crustacean. (Cf. endoskeleton.)