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aspect facial expression. [1/5 definitions]
beard the facial hair of a man, or the extended growth of such hair. [1/4 definitions]
body language the shifts of posture, gestures, and facial expressions that communicate nonverbally, sometimes supplementing and sometimes diverging from or contradicting verbal communication.
clean-shaven hairless or without facial hair, as from recent shaving.
close-up in photography, films, or television, a picture taken at close range to show details, as of facial expression. (Cf. long shot.) [1/2 definitions]
coloring appearance, esp. facial, with regard to color; complexion. [1/4 definitions]
countenance facial expression or general appearance. [1/4 definitions]
demeanor facial expression; appearance. [1/2 definitions]
expression the use of tone of voice, gestures, attitude of the body, or facial demeanor to communicate feeling. [1/5 definitions]
face-lift cosmetic surgery performed to tighten facial tissue and improve appearance by eliminating wrinkles and other signs of aging. [1/2 definitions]
favor to resemble, esp. in facial features. [1/11 definitions]
featured having certain kinds of facial features (usu. used in combination). [1/2 definitions]
fine-drawn subtly or delicately fashioned, as an argument or a facial feature. [1/2 definitions]
glassy of the eyes or facial expression, dull and blank; vacant. [1/2 definitions]
Grecian profile a facial profile in which the forehead and nose form an almost straight, unbroken line.
grimace a contorted facial expression that shows pain, disgust, or contempt. [1/2 definitions]
head the body part of a human being or animal that contains the brain or primary nerve center and the facial features. [1/19 definitions]
long face an unhappy, sad, or discontented facial expression.
pantomime a type of theatrical performance in which stories, meanings, or emotions are expressed by gestures, movements, and facial expressions, usu. without speech; mime. [3/5 definitions]
physiognomy the facial or surface features of a person or other living creature. [2 definitions]
raccoon a nocturnal North American mammal having brownish gray fur, masklike black facial markings, and black rings around the tail. [1/2 definitions]