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articulate having facility with words; fluent. [1/10 definitions]
bathroom (chiefly American) a room with a toilet and often containing a sink, bathtub, or other facility for washing. [1/2 definitions]
classroom a room where classes are held in a college, school, or training facility.
clinic a medical facility, esp. for treatment of outpatients. [2/4 definitions]
cottage a small, detached dwelling, used for temporary periods, as at a resort, school, hospital facility, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
ease facility. [1/11 definitions]
Ellis Island an island in Upper New York Bay where, from 1892 to 1943, millions of incoming immigrants to the U.S. were processed. The facility on the island is now a museum that illuminates the immigration experience.
field hospital a hospital-like facility set up for emergency treatment of soldiers near the fighting zone.
flight control the guidance and direction given to an aircraft by radio from a ground facility.
heliport a facility, often on a rooftop, where a helicopter may take off or land.
knack an innate talent; facility. [1/2 definitions]
laundrette (chiefly British) a commercial laundry facility having coin-operated washers and dryers.
Laundromat trademark for a commercial laundry facility having coin-operated washers and dryers. [1/2 definitions]
mongolism (outdated; no longer in scientific use; sometimes cap.) the abnormal condition of a person born with an additional chromosome, characterized by a flattened skull, slanted eyes, often decreased mental facility, and partial deafness; Down's syndrome.
nursery a day-care facility, or a nursery school. [1/3 definitions]
readiness facility; ease. [1/2 definitions]
right of asylum the right to have or give protection within a country, its embassy, or another facility so designated by law or custom.
speech clinic a facility where people with speech defects are treated.
stand a usually outdoor counter, stall, or movable serving facility where goods are displayed and sold. [1/25 definitions]