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agency shop a company, factory, or the like that has such an agreement with its union. [1/2 definitions]
assembly line a set-up in a factory whereby a product being put together passes, in moving along a track, conveyor belt, or the like, a succession of stations with workers, each of whom adds, adjusts, or secures apart to the whole.
cannery a factory for canning food.
closed shop a factory or business that agrees, through a contract with a labor union, to employ only members of that union. [1/2 definitions]
cogeneration the process in which waste energy is used by a factory or the like to generate electricity.
commissary a cafeteria or eating area in a workplace, esp. in a movie or television studio or in a factory. [1/2 definitions]
distillery a factory or business establishment where alcoholic liquors are made by distillation.
downtime a period of time during which a computer, factory, or the like is inactive, usu. to allow for repairs or the like.
foreman the supervisor of a group of workers, as in a factory or shop. [1/2 definitions]
Gobelin of, like, or designating a tapestry, usu. a richly pictorial one, made at a factory in France that was established in the fifteenth century by a family of dyers and weavers. [2 definitions]
hum to be productively or efficiently busy, as a factory or other business. [1/7 definitions]
lockout the closing of a factory or business by the employer during a labor dispute in order to force employees to change their demands.
loft the uppermost floor of a warehouse, factory, or the like, usu. a large unpartitioned space. [1/7 definitions]
lunchroom a room, esp. in a school, factory, or other institution, that serves as an eating place; cafeteria. [1/2 definitions]
machine shop a factory, section of a factory, or workshop in which machines are made or fixed. [1/2 definitions]
manufacturer a company that makes things in large quantities, usually in a factory and using machines.
mass-produce to manufacture or produce in quantity, esp. in a factory by assembly line methods.
mill1 a factory or establishment that converts raw materials into basic products such as steel, textiles, paper, or lumber. [3/9 definitions]
millwright a person who installs and maintains the machinery in a factory. [1/2 definitions]
mint2 a factory or plant where money is produced under the authority of the government. [1/5 definitions]
open shop a business or factory in which a union represents the workers, although union membership is not necessary for employment.