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antifashionable combined form of fashionable.
beau monde the world of high and fashionable society.
boutique a small shop, esp. one specializing in gifts or fashionable clothes and accessories.
buzzword a fashionable, short-lived word or phrase that originates either in media use or in a specialized group, and that is intended to impress or exclude the hearer, because of its apparent profundity or significance.
chic elegant or fashionable; stylish. [1/2 definitions]
chichi ostentatiously showy or fashionable.
comedy of manners a comedy that satirizes the customs and manners of fashionable society.
conversation piece an eighteenth-century genre picture that depicts a group of fashionable people in an appropriate setting. [1/2 definitions]
couture those who design, make, and market fashionable clothing, considered collectively. [1/2 definitions]
couturier someone in the business of designing, making, and marketing fashionable clothing.
exclusive giving attention or service only to those who are rich, fashionable, or privileged. [1/5 definitions]
gallant a fashionable or courtly young man. [1/7 definitions]
haut monde (French) rich, prominent, or fashionable people; high society.
hip4 aware of, participating in, or belonging to the latest fashions in music, language, clothing, and the like; cool or fashionable. [1/2 definitions]
hoop skirt a long, full skirt, fashionable in the eighteenth century, that was made to bell out by hoops worn beneath.
in (informal) powerful or fashionable. [1/12 definitions]
jet set a group of fashionable, wealthy people who reputedly travel by jet from one resort to another.
man about town a man whose worldly social life and knowledge of fashionable places keep him in public notice.
modish being in or according to current fashion or style; fashionable.
modiste one who designs, makes, or deals in fashionable or stylish clothes, esp. women's dresses and hats.
now (slang) currently fashionable. [1/10 definitions]