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allegro fast and brisk in tempo (used as a musical direction). [1/2 definitions]
barrel to move very fast. [1/6 definitions]
blitz any fast attack or campaign. [1/4 definitions]
blue streak something fast and seemingly endless, as some talk. [1/2 definitions]
boogie strongly rhythmic rock-'n'-roll with a fast tempo, often in a blues form. [1/3 definitions]
breakaway in certain sports, of or designating a play in which one player moves rapidly down the playing area with the potential to score, as in a basketball fast break. [1/6 definitions]
buck and wing a fast tap dance characterized by much leaping and heel clicking.
bucket (informal) to travel fast. [1/5 definitions]
burn (one's) candle at both ends to use up (one's) energy or youth too fast or on too many activities.
candid camera a small simple camera with a fast lens used to photograph unposed subjects or take informal pictures.
cannonball something moving fast and powerfully, such as a train. [2/4 definitions]
caravel a small, light, fast sailing ship used by the Spanish and Portuguese in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, with two or three masts and triangular sails.
careen esp. of a vehicle, to sway while moving fast, or to move fast and unsteadily. [1/5 definitions]
cleave1 to adhere tightly; stick fast (usu. fol. by "to"). [1/2 definitions]
clip1 to move at a fast rate. [2/11 definitions]
clipper a fast type of sailing ship, built in the nineteenth century. [1/3 definitions]
courser2 a fast, spirited horse.
cruiser a medium-sized, fast warship with a great range. [1/4 definitions]
czardas a Hungarian dance in two movements, the first slow and the second fast, or music for this dance.
dart a fast, abrupt movement, esp. a short dash. [1/6 definitions]
double time a fast military marching pace of one hundred and eighty three-foot steps per minute. [1/3 definitions]