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bibcock a faucet with a downward-bent nozzle.
cock1 a device like a faucet for regulating the flow of a liquid or gas. [1/8 definitions]
drippy dripping or inclined to drip, as a leaky faucet. [1/2 definitions]
petcock a small valve or faucet used to drain from or lower the pressure in a pipe, boiler, steam engine, or the like.
spigot a device used to regulate the flow of liquid from a pipe or other opening; tap; faucet. [1/2 definitions]
stopcock a valve regulating the flow of fluid through a pipe; faucet.
tap2 a device to control the flow of liquid or gas from a pipe or container, or a plug to prevent such a flow; spigot; faucet. [1/9 definitions]