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baize a woolen cloth similar to felt, usu. green and mainly used to cover billiard tables.
beret a soft, round, flat cap with a close-fitting headband and no visor, usu. made of felt or wool.
blackboard eraser an object made of bound layers of felt used for erasing chalk from a blackboard.
bob3 a buffing or polishing wheel covered with soft material such as felt. [1/3 definitions]
buck fever the nervous excitement felt by novice hunters when they first sight game.
deep intensely felt, as emotions. [1/13 definitions]
derby a hard hat made of felt with a round top and a curved, narrow brim; bowler. [1/3 definitions]
eraser an object, usu. made of rubber or felt, that is used to erase writing or marks.
exquisite keenly felt. [1/4 definitions]
fedora a hat of soft felt, with a curled brim that can be turned up or down and a lengthwise crease in the crown.
felt2 made of or covered in felt. [4/6 definitions]
fez a man's felt cap, shaped like a flat-topped cone and usu. red with a black tassel, worn esp. in Middle Eastern countries.
flock2 powdered wool or felt cemented to a surface as decoration or padding. [2/5 definitions]
heartfelt deeply felt; earnest; sincere.
highlighter a marker having a broad felt tip and transparent, often fluorescent ink, applied to lines of text to indicate their importance.
homburg a felt hat that has a stiff, shallow, slightly curled brim and a soft creased crown.
keen1 intense, vivid, or strongly felt. [1/4 definitions]
marker a felt-tipped or other pen that produces thick lines of ink, used for marking and writing. [1/5 definitions]
moisture a small amount of diffused or condensed liquid, esp. water, felt as vapor in the air or as dampness on surfaces.
mute felt, but not expressed vocally. [1/9 definitions]
mutual felt, experienced, or possessed equally by each for the other or others, as among two or more persons. [1/4 definitions]