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Alex Haley a U.S. author celebrated for his pulitzer prize-winning work of historical fiction, Roots: The Saga of an American Family (1976), a publication whose subsequent television broadcast adaptation spawned a national discussion about race and race relations (b.1921--d.1992).
earthman a male human being, or person native to earth, esp. in science fiction.
Ernest Hemingway U.S. fiction writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954 (b.1899--d.1961).
fantasy fiction containing highly imaginative, grotesque, or supernatural elements. [1/5 definitions]
fictional of, relating to, or in the category of fiction. [2 definitions]
fictionalize to make fiction out of (actual events or people).
fictitious of, relating to, or composed of fiction. [1/2 definitions]
Harry Potter the main character in a fantasy fiction series written by British author J. K. Rowling. The character is a young wizard, and the series relates his trials and magical adventures.
H.G. Wells British author and social critic, born Herman George Wells, celebrated for developing the genre of science fiction.
J. K. Rowling pen name of British author Joanne Rowling, best known for her fiction series relating the adventures of a young wizard named Harry Potter (b.1965).
Martian in science fiction, a creature from the planet Mars. [1/2 definitions]
melodrama behavior or events, in reality or fiction, with similarly exaggerated features or effects. [1/2 definitions]
metafiction fiction writing in which the author and the techniques used by the author are consciously emphasized while concern for verisimilitude is minimized. [2 definitions]
mystery a piece of fiction involving complex plots and puzzling crimes. [1/4 definitions]
novel1 a relatively long work of prose fiction, usu. having a plot and characters.
personae the characters in a play, novel, opera, or other work of fiction; dramatis personae.
poetic justice an outcome in real life or fiction in which someone receives a reward or punishment that is peculiarly or ironically appropriate.
pretense an act or instance of pretending; sham or fiction. [1/4 definitions]
real life reality; not fiction, fantasy, or representation of reality.
science fiction fiction in which scientific findings, capabilities, or speculations provide an essential basis for the imagined events.
sci-fi (informal) science fiction.