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cover story (informal) a fictitious identity, purpose, or the like used to provide a plausible explanation for and conceal one's actual activities; alibi. [1/2 definitions]
embellish to enhance (a story or the like) with unnecessary or fictitious details. [1/2 definitions]
embellishment a fictitious or unneeded detail added to enhance a story or the like. [1/3 definitions]
embroider to elaborate or embellish, esp. with fictitious details. [1/3 definitions]
embroidery the embellishment of a tale or report, esp. with fictitious details. [1/2 definitions]
fable a fictitious story based on legend or myth. [1/4 definitions]
fabled imaginary or fictitious. [1/2 definitions]
fairy tale a fictitious, sometimes incredible, imaginative story, often involving giants, ogres, elves, or other magical creatures and characters. [1/2 definitions]
impersonate to act or assume the character of; pretend to be (another real or fictitious person or type of person).
invent to think up or fabricate (something false or fictitious). [1/2 definitions]
Jane Doe the name used in legal proceedings to indicate a fictitious or unknown woman.
John Doe the name used in legal proceedings to indicate a fictitious or unknown man.
made-up fictitious; invented. [1/3 definitions]
mythical imaginary, fictitious, or not existing in fact. [1/2 definitions]
nom de plume a fictitious name adopted by an author; pen name.
pretended falsely claimed; fictitious; feigned. [1/2 definitions]
pseudonymous having or using a fictitious or false name. [2 definitions]
romance formerly, a fictitious tale of the deeds and adventures of knights or other heroes, or the class of literature devoted to such tales. [1/7 definitions]