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Amazon in Greek mythology, a member of a race of tall, strong, and fierce female warriors that lived near the Black Sea. [1/3 definitions]
Cape buffalo a large, fierce, black buffalo native to southern Africa whose horns form a helmetlike structure.
dogfight a fierce fight between dogs. [1/4 definitions]
fell3 fierce or ruthless. [1/2 definitions]
ferocious cruelly savage; fierce. [1/2 definitions]
fury a fierce, violent person. [1/4 definitions]
grizzly bear a large, fierce bear found in northwestern parts of North America, with a coat that varies from grayish to brown.
hotspur (cap.) in Henry IV by William Shakespeare, a fierce, impetuous warrior. [1/2 definitions]
Hun any of a fierce, warring Asian people who, under Attila and others, ravaged much of eastern and central Europe in the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. [1/2 definitions]
lupine2 fierce; greedy. [1/2 definitions]
pitched battle a fierce battle at close range. [1/2 definitions]
savage ferocious and cruel; fierce. [1/9 definitions]
vendetta any long, fierce, or bitter feud or rivalry. [1/2 definitions]
vicious given to or characterized by violence or cruelty; savage; fierce. [1/3 definitions]
wildcat a fierce, violent, or hot-tempered person. [1/6 definitions]
wrath violent or fierce anger, indignation, or resentment. [1/3 definitions]