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aerate to fill or charge (a liquid) with a gas, esp. carbon dioxide. [1/3 definitions]
ahem a sound as of clearing the throat, used to attract notice, express doubt, or fill in a pause.
appointee a person appointed to fill an office or position or to perform an assigned task.
astonish to fill, suddenly, with great surprise or amazement.
at-large election an election in which every voter can vote for candidates to fill any and all vacant positions in a representative body. Unlike a single-member election, in which people can vote only for candidates who represent their particular legislative district, at-large elections allow every person to vote on each vacant position within a governing body.
bag to fill a bag with; put in a bag. [1/11 definitions]
break up (informal) to fill with or be overcome by strong emotion. [1/6 definitions]
brim to fill to the top or brim. [1/4 definitions]
bucket the quantity necessary to fill such a container. [1/5 definitions]
bumper to fill (a glass or cup) completely. [1/7 definitions]
by-election in Britain and other countries, an election held between general elections to fill a vacant seat in government.
caulking elastic material used to seal and fill cracks.
cement to fill or cover with cement. [1/6 definitions]
charge to fill, as with emotion. [2/21 definitions]
clog to fill beyond capacity. [1/7 definitions]
clutter to fill or litter with an untidy assortment of things. [1/3 definitions]
congest to fill to excess; overcrowd; clog. [1/3 definitions]
cram to fill (something) by force to or beyond its natural capacity. [1/8 definitions]
crowd to fill to capacity. [1/8 definitions]
diastole in physiology, the normal rhythmic expansion of the heart chambers, during which the chambers fill with blood. (Cf. systole.)
engorge to fill or overfill. [2/3 definitions]