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aerate to fill or charge (a liquid) with a gas, esp. carbon dioxide. [1/3 definitions]
ahem a sound as of clearing the throat, used to attract notice, express doubt, or fill in a pause.
appointee a person appointed to fill an office or position or to perform an assigned task.
astonish to fill, suddenly, with great surprise or amazement.
at-large election an election in which every voter can vote for candidates to fill any and all vacant positions in a representative body. Unlike a single-member election, in which people can vote only for candidates who represent their particular legislative district, at-large elections allow every person to vote on each vacant position within a governing body.
bag to fill a bag with; put in a bag. [1/11 definitions]
biopic a biographical film or television program often containing scenes that are fictional in order to fill out the plot and add drama, humor, or suspense to make the real life subject compelling to an audience.
break up (informal) to fill with or be overcome by strong emotion. [1/6 definitions]
brim to fill to the top or brim. [1/4 definitions]
bucket the quantity necessary to fill such a container. [1/5 definitions]
bumper to fill (a glass or cup) completely. [1/7 definitions]
by-election in Britain and other countries, an election held between general elections to fill a vacant seat in government.
caulking elastic material used to seal and fill cracks.
cement to fill or cover with cement. [1/6 definitions]
charge to fill, as with emotion. [2/22 definitions]
clog to fill beyond capacity. [1/7 definitions]
clutter to fill or litter with an untidy assortment of things. [1/3 definitions]
congest to fill to excess; overcrowd; clog. [1/3 definitions]
cram to fill (something) by force to or beyond its natural capacity. [1/8 definitions]
crowd to fill to capacity. [1/9 definitions]
diastole in physiology, the normal rhythmic expansion of the heart chambers, during which the chambers fill with blood. (Cf. systole.)