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catalytic converter an antipollution device on automobiles that consists of a chemical filter connected to the exhaust system.
filter an apparatus that consists of or holds a filter. [5/7 definitions]
filterable capable of being filtered, or of passing through a filter, as certain viruses and bacteria.
filter paper porous paper used to filter liquids, commonly used in certain coffee makers.
filtrate to pass through or subject to a filter. [2 definitions]
fuller's earth a very absorbent clay used esp. in fulling woolen cloth and also as a filter, dusting powder, catalyst, and the like.
gas mask a device worn over the face that has a built-in chemical air filter to protect the wearer from inhaling poisonous gases or noxious fumes.
percolate to cause (a liquid) to trickle or pass through something porous, such as a filter. [2/6 definitions]
safelight a darkroom light with a colored filter that does not affect photographic film or paper.
screen a closely woven wire mesh used to filter liquid or grains or to keep insects from entering through windows. [1/8 definitions]
strain1 to pass (a substance) through a sieve or filter. [2/16 definitions]
whalebone a durable, horny, elastic substance that grows in plates or strips in the upper jaw of certain whales, serving to filter plankton from water passing through the whale's mouth. [1/2 definitions]