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aluminum sulfate a white, water-soluble substance used to purify water, manufacture paper, and fix dyes.
appoint to set, fix, or determine by agreement or authority. [1/2 definitions]
causative a word, esp. a verb, or a word element that expresses causation, such as "made" in "She made me fix the machine". [1/3 definitions]
destine to ordain in advance or fix on a particular course, as by fate or divine will. [1/2 definitions]
doctor to fix or repair. [1/6 definitions]
etch to fix in the mind. [1/4 definitions]
fasten to fix (one's gaze, attention, or the like) upon something. [1/8 definitions]
fixable combined form of fix.
fixate to make stable or stationary; fix. [1/5 definitions]
freeze to fix (wages, prices, or the like) at a certain level. [1/16 definitions]
groove to place or fix in a groove. [1/7 definitions]
imprint to impress on, or fix firmly in, the mind, memory, or feelings. [1/5 definitions]
infix to fix in the mind or memory; instill; impress. [1/5 definitions]
lodge to fix securely or firmly in position. [1/11 definitions]
moor2 to fix in place. [1/4 definitions]
mortar2 to fix in place using mortar. [1/2 definitions]
nail to fix (the attention or gaze) on something. [1/7 definitions]
overcapitalize to declare or fix the value of capital of (a company) at an imprudently or illegally high level. [1/2 definitions]
peg to fix or set (a price) at a certain level. [1/5 definitions]
recondition to restore to good condition; renovate or fix.
refix combined form of fix.