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bidet a low, basin-shaped fixture, found esp. in France, used for washing the genital and anal areas.
bracket an L-shaped fixture attached to a wall or other vertical surface to support something such as a shelf. [1/7 definitions]
bulb a lighting device that is made of rounded glass and is inserted into an electrical fixture. [1/3 definitions]
bypass a pipe or other device that directs a flowing liquid or gas around an obstacle, pipe, or other fixture. [2/5 definitions]
chandelier a light fixture, often decorative, suspended from a ceiling and bearing multiple lights.
gas burner the nozzle at the end of a gas fixture; gas jet.
gas jet a burner, pipe, or other apertured fitting at the end of a gas fixture. [1/2 definitions]
hickey an electrical fitting allowing a light fixture to be connected to an outlet box. [1/3 definitions]
knocker a hinged fixture attached to a door and used to rap for those inside. [1/3 definitions]
pendant a hanging decoration or lighting fixture in a room. [1/3 definitions]
urinal a wall plumbing fixture into which men may urinate, or a place containing such fixtures. [1/2 definitions]
washstand a sink fixture in a lavatory or bathroom. [1/2 definitions]