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anthracite a hard, shiny coal that burns cleanly with little flame.
Argand burner an oil or gas burner having a metal tube inside a cylindrical wick, through which air is conducted directly to the flame.
bituminous coal a mineral coal that yields pitch and tar and has a yellow smoky flame when it burns; soft coal.
blaze1 an intense flame or light. [1/6 definitions]
blowpipe a metal tube through which air or gas is forced in a controlled flow into a flame to concentrate and intensify its heat. [1/3 definitions]
blowtorch a portable oil-burning or gas-burning device producing an intense, localized flame suitable for melting or cutting metal.
Bunsen burner a cylindrical burner, used in laboratories, that has holes at the bottom where air enters, mixes with gas, and produces a hot blue flame.
burn to injure or damage by excessive exposure to heat, as from flame or sunlight. [1/14 definitions]
burner the part of a furnace, water heater, stove, or other appliance that emits heat or flame. [1/2 definitions]
chimney a glass tube that surrounds the flame of a lamp and serves to ventilate and protect the flame. [1/2 definitions]
cinder a small piece of partially burned wood, coal, or the like that can burn further but without a flame. [1/4 definitions]
douse1 to turn off or extinguish (a light or flame). [1/4 definitions]
extinguish to put out (a fire, flame, or light). [1/4 definitions]
flame anything that resembles a flame in its shape, color, brilliance, or the like. [2/9 definitions]
flaming like a flame in color or brilliance. [1/4 definitions]
flaring of a flame, increasing suddenly and briefly in intensity. [1/2 definitions]
gas jet a flame of burning gas from such a fitting. [1/2 definitions]
gas mantle an incombustible meshwork hood for a gas jet or kerosene wick that gives off a brilliant incandescent light when a flame is lit within it.
lambent flickering or playing lightly over a surface, as light or flame. [1/3 definitions]
magnesium a highly reactive chemical element of the alkaline-earth group that has twelve protons in each nucleus and that occurs naturally only in compounds, but that can be isolated as a divalent ion essential in plant and animal nutrition, or as alight, ductile, silver-white solid that bursts into a bright flame when heated above room temperature, used for flares, fireworks, and the like. (symbol: Mg)
napalm a highly flammable jelly containing aluminum soaps and gasoline, used in flame throwers and fire bombs. [1/2 definitions]