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alapana in Indian music, the detailed exposition of a raga, in which the general flavor of the raga is introduced.
boysenberry a fruit resembling a blackberry in appearance and a raspberry in flavor. [1/2 definitions]
brandy to flavor, combine, or preserve with brandy. [1/2 definitions]
caramel sugar that is heated until it liquefies and turns brown, used to color and flavor foods. [2 definitions]
condiment something used to flavor or season food, such as ketchup or relish.
cream soda a soft drink, lightly colored, of vanilla flavor.
decoct to extract a flavor or essence from, by boiling.
embitter to make the flavor of (something) bitter or bitterer. [1/2 definitions]
essential oil any rapidly evaporating oil that gives a characteristic odor or flavor to a plant, flower, or fruit, used in making perfumes, flavorings, and the like.
flavor to impart a flavor to. [1/4 definitions]
flavorful rich in flavor; savory; tasty.
flavoring a substance that imparts a distinct flavor.
flavorless combined form of flavor.
full-bodied characterized by fullness or richness of flavor.
garnish to place something upon or around (a food) by way of decoration or to provide a complementary flavor, texture, or color. [1/5 definitions]
honey to add honey to, for flavor or sweetening. [1/6 definitions]
hop2 to flavor by adding hops. [1/3 definitions]
insipid having a bland or uninteresting flavor; tasteless. [1/2 definitions]
Lapsang of or designating a variety of Chinese tea with a smoky flavor.
lemon made with lemon or having qualities of lemon such as color, flavor, or fragrance. [1/5 definitions]
licorice a European plant of the legume family, having a strong, sweet odor and flavor similar to anise. [1/3 definitions]