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bellwether a male sheep, with a bell hung about its neck, that leads the flock. [1/2 definitions]
drove2 a group of animals driven, or gathered for driving, as a herd; flock. [1/3 definitions]
flock1 to gather or travel in a crowd, group, or flock. [1/4 definitions]
flock2 to stuff with flock. [1/5 definitions]
flocking fine fibers, such as wool, applied to a smooth surface such as wallpaper or fabric to form a raised pattern; flock. [1/2 definitions]
flush3 a bird or flock of birds that suddenly starts up or takes flight. [1/3 definitions]
gaggle a flock of geese when not in the air. [1/2 definitions]
sheepherder one who tends or herds a flock of sheep, esp. in open country; shepherd.
skein a flock of geese in flight. [1/3 definitions]