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accumulator an apparatus in a hydraulic or pneumatic system that stores and regulates the supply of fluid that provides pressure in the system. [1/3 definitions]
aerator a device that aerates a fluid or mixes it with air.
air chamber a compartment in which air is confined for a special use, as in a pump, a hydraulic fluid regulator, or a living organism.
amniocentesis a procedure for obtaining a sample of amniotic fluid from the uterus of a pregnant female for diagnosis of the fetus.
amnion a thin membranous sac, filled with a watery fluid, that contains the embryo of a mammal, bird, or reptile.
apothecaries' measure a system of fluid measure used to dispense liquid drugs.
aspirate to inhale (fluid) into the respiratory tract. [1/5 definitions]
bleed to exude a fluid, as a tree. [1/7 definitions]
blister a thin, bubble-like swelling of the outer skin, resulting from a burn or other injury and containing fluid. [1/5 definitions]
bloated of a part of the body, swollen due to an excess of fluid or gas. [1/3 definitions]
blood the red fluid containing oxygen and nutrients that circulates in the vascular system of vertebrates. [1/7 definitions]
bombardier beetle any of several beetles that spray an acrid, irritating fluid from the abdomen as a method of self-defense.
Brownian motion the random movement of microscopic particles in a fluid medium, resulting from collision with molecules of the surrounding medium; Brownian movement.
bursa a sac in the body, esp. one filled with fluid, that acts to protect against friction, as in a joint.
c.3 abbreviation of "cup," or "cups," in the US, a unit of capacity equal to eight fluid ounces, 237 milliliters, or sixteen tablespoons; cupful.
canal a tubelike part of an animal or plant body, through which air or fluid passes. [1/3 definitions]
carbon tetrachloride a colorless, nonflammable, vaporous, poisonous liquid used as a fire extinguisher, cleaning fluid, and solvent, and in making refrigerants.
catchfly any of various plants that secrete a sticky fluid to catch small insects.
catheter a thin, flexible, hollow tube inserted into a body passage or cavity to drain fluid, esp. urine from the bladder.
celandine a plant of the poppy family that has deeply divided leaves, yellow flowers, and a yellow-orange fluid in its stem. [1/2 definitions]
centiliter a unit of capacity equal to one hundredth of a liter or 0.338 fluid ounce.