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forbidden fruit in the Bible, the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden, which had been forbidden to Adam and Eve by God. [1/2 definitions]
nosh (informal) a snack, esp. a forbidden tidbit eaten secretly. [1/2 definitions]
out of bounds forbidden. [1/2 definitions]
Palace Museum a vast, walled complex of buildings in Beijing, China, formerly the Imperial Palace (1491-1911), now open to the public; Forbidden City.
taboo untouchable, unmentionable, or otherwise forbidden by social mandate. [1/3 definitions]
tree of knowledge according to the Old Testament, the tree whose forbidden fruit gave Adam and Eve the knowledge of good and evil, and caused their expulsion from the Garden of Eden.
variance an official permit to do something that is normally forbidden, esp. by zoning or building laws. [1/7 definitions]
verboten (German) strictly prohibited; forbidden.