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alien one who is considered foreign to a particular group or family; outsider. [1/6 definitions]
anaphylaxis extreme allergic reaction to a substance, typically a foreign protein or drug, following a previous exposure to the same substance.
antiforeign combined form of foreign.
au pair (French) a girl or woman who works for a family, usu. in a foreign country, in exchange for room and board. [1/2 definitions]
auxiliary (pl.) foreign troops assisting those of a nation at war. [1/7 definitions]
banana republic (informal) a small, often politically unstable Central American country with a one-crop economy that is controlled by foreign capital (used as a derogatory label).
big stick political or military power, displayed or implied to intimidate or gain cooperation from potential adversaries, esp. as a foreign policy (often prec. by the).
blink to remove a foreign body from the eyes by winking. [1/10 definitions]
calque a word adopted into one language from another through the translation of each root or morpheme of the foreign word.
change of money, to break down into smaller denominations, or convert into foreign currency. [1/18 definitions]
chargé d'affaires a foreign service official who takes charge of diplomatic business whenever an ambassador or minister is temporarily absent. [1/2 definitions]
Chinatown any neighborhood or region inhabited by Chinese in a foreign city.
clean free from impurities or foreign particles. [1/12 definitions]
consul a national government official assigned to live in a foreign city in order to give assistance and protection to his or her nation's citizens who live or travel there, and to promote his or her country's commercial interests. [1/2 definitions]
convert to change (money) into foreign currency of equal value. [1/5 definitions]
cough to release air noisily and spasmodically from the lungs as a result of illness or foreign matter in the respiratory system. [1/6 definitions]
diplomatic immunity exemption from local laws, granted to diplomatic personnel and their dependents while in a foreign country.
dollar diplomacy the use of a country's economic power and influence to promote its foreign policies. [1/2 definitions]
dump to market a great quantity of (goods) at a reduced price in another country, so as to undercut foreign competition. [1/10 definitions]
electroporation in genetics, a method of introducing foreign DNA into a cell by means of an electric pulse that makes the cell membrane more permeable.
embolus a foreign body, such as an air bubble or a blood clot, in the bloodstream.