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backward with the back part or back side foremost or leading. [1/8 definitions]
cardinal first and foremost in importance. [1/4 definitions]
chief the foremost or most important person in a group; leader. [1/3 definitions]
endways with an end foremost or topmost. [1/4 definitions]
first-class of the highest in quality, rank, or grade; foremost; best. [1/4 definitions]
first lady the woman foremost in a specified field, such as politics or medicine. [1/2 definitions]
forefront the foremost position or portion. [1/2 definitions]
foresheet (pl.) in an open rowboat, the space in front of the foremost rower's seat. [1/2 definitions]
fore-topmast the spar or part of a mast serving as the topmast of a vessel's foremost mast.
frontward with the front part foremost or leading. [1/2 definitions]
headlong with the head leading or foremost. [1/4 definitions]
headmost being in the lead or foremost.
king a person or animal that is first and foremost among others of its kind. [1/4 definitions]
nose cone the cone-shaped, usu. detachable foremost section of a rocket or guided missile.
paramount foremost in importance, power, or the like; chief. [1/2 definitions]
top1 first; foremost. [1/15 definitions]
van1 the foremost part or division of a movement or force, esp. a military force; forefront; vanguard.
vanguard the leading or foremost position or part of a movement or force; forefront. [1/2 definitions]