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basal forming the foundation of; fundamental. [1/3 definitions]
base1 that which underlies or supports; foundation. [3/7 definitions]
basic necessary as a foundation; fundamental. [1/4 definitions]
basis the foundation or support on which other parts depend; base. [1/3 definitions]
bedrock a bottom layer or foundation; base. [1/3 definitions]
berm a low wall, mound, or barrier of earth, often one banked against the foundation of a building, to help insulate it. [1/3 definitions]
consist to have a foundation (in something); lie (usu. fol. by "in"). [1/2 definitions]
cornerstone a foundation stone laid at the onset of construction, sometimes carved with the date or hollowed to contain items of historical interest. [2/3 definitions]
fabric underlying structure; foundation. [1/3 definitions]
footer the enlarged foundation work of a building, wall, or the like, used to spread the weight; footing. [1/2 definitions]
footing a foundation or firm basis on which one can stand, build, or develop. [1/4 definitions]
found2 to lay the physical foundation for (a structure). [1/4 definitions]
foundationless combined form of foundation.
fundamental serving as a foundation; basic; central. [1/4 definitions]
grant-in-aid a grant of funds made by the federal government to a state or by a foundation to an individual or group, that provides financial aid for a project or program.
groundless not having a logical foundation; unsubstantiated.
mobile home a movable house without a permanent foundation but able to be placed and connected to utilities fairly permanently.
mounting something that serves as a support, foundation, or background; mount. [1/2 definitions]
Nobel prize any of the international prizes awarded annually for achievements in physics, chemistry, economics, medicine or physiology, literature, and the promotion of peace, by a Swedish foundation established according to the bequest of Alfred Nobel.
pedestal a foundation or supporting structure. [1/3 definitions]
predicate to use as a foundation or justification for a statement, belief, or course of action (usu. fol. by on). [1/7 definitions]