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arctic fox a fox of arctic regions, whose fur is blue-gray or brownish gray in summer and white or light gray in winter.
ballroom dancing dancing performed by couples to a variety of social dances, such as the waltz, tango, or fox trot.
blue fox the arctic fox during its summer bluish gray phase, or a mutant of the arctic fox that is this color throughout the year. [2 definitions]
cub the immature offspring of certain meat-eating mammals, such as the bear, lion, or fox. [1/2 definitions]
dog a four-legged furry canine mammal related to the wolf and fox, commonly used for a pet. [1/6 definitions]
flying fox any of various fruit-eating bats found in tropical regions of Australia, Africa, and Asia, whose head resembles that of a fox.
fox hunt a sport in which hunters on horseback follow dogs in pursuit of a fox. [2 definitions]
foxtail the tail of a fox. [1/2 definitions]
fox-trot to dance a fox trot.
foxy of or like a fox, as in cunning. [1/3 definitions]
fruit bat any of various tropical fruit-eating bats such as the flying fox.
fur the soft thick hair that covers the bodies of certain animals, such as the mink or fox. [1/5 definitions]
halloo to urge on (hounds, esp. in fox hunting) by shouting "halloo". [2/3 definitions]
pup the young of certain other animals such as the seal or fox. [1/3 definitions]
puppy the young of certain other animals, such as the seal or fox. [1/2 definitions]
red fox a small fox with reddish fur.
silver fox a red fox in a phase that has fur colored black with white or gray ends. [2 definitions]
tallyho used in hunting to urge on foxhounds when a fox has been sighted. [1/3 definitions]
two-step a ballroom dance, similar to a slow fox trot, in two-four time and characterized by long sliding steps. [1/2 definitions]
vixen a female fox. [1/2 definitions]
vulpine of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a fox. [1/2 definitions]