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antifraud combined form of fraud.
bunco (informal) an act of fraud or swindling; confidence scheme. [1/2 definitions]
charlatan one who deceitfully claims to possess a particular skill or expertise; fraud; quack.
cheat one who cheats; swindler; fraud. [2/11 definitions]
deception the means of causing someone to be deceived; trick; lie; fraud. [1/2 definitions]
embezzle to take by fraud for one's own use (money or property entrusted to one's care).
false pretenses intentional misrepresentation of facts, as for purposes of fraud.
fleece to cheat (someone) of money or property by fraud; swindle. [1/7 definitions]
humbug something intended to deceive; fake; fraud; hoax. [2/8 definitions]
imposition an act of imposing on another by fraud; imposture. [1/4 definitions]
juggler one who employs deceptive tricks or fraud. [1/2 definitions]
mulct to obtain (money or something of value) or take something of value from (a person) by fraud. [1/3 definitions]
racket1 illegal activities, such as extortion and fraud, carried out by an organized group of people, or an organization directing such activities. [1/3 definitions]
racketeer a person involved in an organization that carries out illegal activities such as fraud and extortion.
racketeering the crime or practice of conducting a business that engages in illegal activity, as, for example, extortion, counterfeiting, and fraud.
stuff in the United States, to put invalid votes into (a ballot box) in order to try to win an election by means of fraud. [1/10 definitions]
swindle to obtain by using deceit or fraud. [2/4 definitions]
white-collar crime a crime such as embezzlement or fraud that is committed by a business executive, government official, or other white-collar worker.