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collusion a secret agreement undertaken for illicit or fraudulent purposes; conspiracy. [1/2 definitions]
counterfeit to make a fraudulent imitation or copy of. [2/7 definitions]
counterfeiter one who makes fraudulent imitations or copies, especially of money.
fix (informal) to arrange with fraudulent intent. [1/13 definitions]
forge1 to invent, fabricate, or imitate for fraudulent purposes. [1/7 definitions]
frame-up (informal) a fraudulent scheme or arrangement, esp. in which an innocent person is implicated in a crime.
land-grabber a person who uses unfair or fraudulent tactics to gain possession of land.
loaded of dice, weighted so as to be fraudulent. [1/6 definitions]
pigeon drop a swindle wherein a person gives over personal money in response to a fraudulent promise that such funds will bring large returns or profit.
shell game a deceitful or fraudulent game, trick, scheme, or the like; swindle. [1/2 definitions]
simulacrum something slightly or vaguely resembling something else; poor or fraudulent imitation. [1/2 definitions]
skin game any dishonest or fraudulent scheme or trick; swindle.
supposititious inserted or substituted with deceitful intent; fraudulent; spurious. [1/2 definitions]
swindle a fraudulent act or scheme, esp. for obtaining money or property. [1/4 definitions]