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airiness the quality or condition of being airy or fresh. [1/2 definitions]
airless lacking air or fresh air; stuffy. [1/2 definitions]
air shaft a narrow vertical passage through which fresh air can reach an otherwise enclosed area such as the interior of a building; ventilating shaft.
antipasto in Italian cookery, an appetizer course including smoked meats, olives, fresh and pickled vegetables, cheese, and other foods.
bloom a fresh glow or rosiness of the cheeks. [1/8 definitions]
brand-new in an unused, fresh condition; completely new. [1/2 definitions]
caddisworm the wormlike larva of a caddisfly that lives in fresh water in an elongated case made of sand, plant debris, and the silk secreted by the larva after hatching.
chlorella any of various fresh-water, single-celled green algae.
cicatrix tissue that forms over a fresh wound and eventually contracts into a scar; scar tissue. [1/2 definitions]
coho a small ocean salmon, now often introduced into fresh water as a game fish; coho salmon; silver salmon.
crisp firm and fresh. [1/7 definitions]
crispy firm and fresh, as some vegetables. [1/2 definitions]
devise to invent or make (a plan, device, or solution of a problem), esp. by a fresh application of known information; arrange; contrive. [1/3 definitions]
diadromous of certain fishes, migratory between fresh and salt water. [1/2 definitions]
dry rot any internal social or moral stagnation or decay resulting from a lack of fresh ideas or initiatives. [1/3 definitions]
eel any of numerous long, snakelike fishes of fresh water or ocean.
ensilage the enclosing, as in a silo, of fresh plant matter to be used as animal food, so as to store and preserve it by fermentation. [1/3 definitions]
farmers' market a public market at which farmers sell fresh produce directly to consumers, and which often includes other vendors who sell handcrafted products.
fresco to paint (a picture) on fresh, moist plaster, as on a wall. [1/2 definitions]
freshen to cause to be fresh; renew. [2/4 definitions]
freshwater of, pertaining to, or living in fresh, unsalted water. [2 definitions]