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abdicate to refuse to fulfill (a responsibility or the like). [1/3 definitions]
accommodate to fulfill the needs of (others) by adapting oneself. [1/6 definitions]
answer to fit or conform to; fulfill. [1/9 definitions]
anticipate to accomplish or fulfill in advance. [1/3 definitions]
at someone's beck and call willing to fulfill or subject to another's commands or wishes.
betray to fail to fulfill (hopes, expections, or the like). [1/5 definitions]
commitment a pledge or obligation to fulfill an act or function. [1/4 definitions]
default failure to perform an action or fulfill an obligation that is legally or morally required, esp. the obligation of paying money that is owed. [3/14 definitions]
denial the refusal to honor or fulfill a request. [1/5 definitions]
derelict failing to fulfill one's responsibilities or obligations; remiss. [1/4 definitions]
dereliction deliberate failure to fulfill one's responsibilities or obligations. [1/2 definitions]
disappoint to fail to fulfill the expectations, wishes, or hopes of. [1/2 definitions]
duteous careful to fulfill one's duties; dutiful; obedient.
errand a quick journey or side trip taken to fulfill a particular purpose. [1/2 definitions]
evade to avoid or fail to fulfill (an obligation, law, or the like). [1/5 definitions]
meet1 to fulfill (a need, demand or the like). [1/13 definitions]
obey to observe or fulfill (rules, requests, or the like). [1/4 definitions]
overfulfill combined form of fulfill.
pay the piper to pay one's just debts or fulfill one's responsibilities. [1/2 definitions]
perform to carry out; do; fulfill. [2/4 definitions]
remember to recall and consequently fulfill an obligation. [1/7 definitions]