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frolic merriment or fun. [1/3 definitions]
high jinks (informal) boisterous fun, or pranks; rowdiness.
jape to ridicule or make fun of. [1/3 definitions]
jester in the European Middle Ages, someone hired, esp. by a noble, to tell jokes and, often, to make fun of court life. [1/2 definitions]
joke to make fun of; mock. [1/7 definitions]
josh (informal) to make fun of or tease, but in a gentle and kind way. [1/2 definitions]
kill-joy one who spoils the fun or enjoyment of others, esp. by being gloomy or pessimistic.
mock to make fun of by imitating in action or speech; mimic. [1/10 definitions]
play fun, jest, or wittiness. [2/20 definitions]
rib2 to make good-hearted fun of (someone); tease; kid.
ridicule language or actions that make unkind fun of someone or something; mockery; derision. [2 definitions]
spar2 to make boxing movements without hitting hard, as for practice or in fun. [1/5 definitions]
sportive fun-loving; playful. [1/2 definitions]
tease to make fun of or attempt to provoke in a playful or mocking way. [1/9 definitions]