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ABC's the fundamental principles of any branch of knowledge; basics. [1/2 definitions]
alpha and omega the beginning and the end; the greatest or most fundamental of all; the first and last. [1/2 definitions]
alphabet the fundamental principles of a subject; rudiments. [1/2 definitions]
antipathetic having a fundamental dislike of or aversion to someone or something. [1/2 definitions]
basal forming the foundation of; fundamental. [1/3 definitions]
basic necessary as a foundation; fundamental. [2/4 definitions]
bedrock fundamental principles or ideals. [1/3 definitions]
being essential or fundamental character; whole self. [1/3 definitions]
bill of rights a formal list or summary of fundamental rights and liberties to which a people or class is entitled. [1/3 definitions]
bottom fundamental or basic. [1/11 definitions]
building block one of the fundamental parts of something. [1/3 definitions]
constitutional of or belonging to the fundamental nature of a person or thing; inherent. [1/4 definitions]
electron a negatively charged particle, considered a fundamental unit of matter, that exists independently or outside the nucleus of an atom.
element a fundamental principle of something. [1/6 definitions]
elemental relating to first principles; ultimate; fundamental. [1/3 definitions]
elementary of or relating to first principles; irreducible; fundamental. [1/3 definitions]
essential fundamental; necessary; indispensable. [1/4 definitions]
force of nature in physics, any one of the fundamental forces that occur in nature, including electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, and gravitational force. [1/3 definitions]
harmonics (used with a pl. verb) partial tones or overtones of a fundamental musical tone. [1/2 definitions]
inalienable rights fundamental rights that cannot be removed, surrendered, or transferred to another person. The Declaration of Independence identifies "life, liberty, and the pursuit of independence" as inalienable rights.
Koran the fundamental sacred text of Islam, believed to have been revealed to Muhammad by Allah and serving as the basis of Muslim religion, law, and secular conduct.