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aperture a narrow opening, such as a hole, crack, gap, or slit. [1/2 definitions]
arc a bright streak of electricity leaping the gap between two electrical conductors. [2/4 definitions]
breach a broken area or gap, esp. in a solid structure. [1/7 definitions]
chasm any gap or breach. [1/3 definitions]
col a pass or gap between mountains.
discontinuity an interruption or break; gap. [1/2 definitions]
extend to stretch out over a gap. [1/8 definitions]
filler a short passage of secondary importance that fills a gap in a newspaper or broadcast. [1/4 definitions]
gap to cause a gap to appear in. [2/5 definitions]
gape a gap or other wide opening. [1/5 definitions]
gulf a large gap, as in social standing, opinions, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
hiatus a gap or break in activity, time, or space; interruption. [1/2 definitions]
hollow an empty space inside something; hole; cavity; gap. [1/10 definitions]
interregnum any interruption, pause, or gap in the continuity of something. [1/3 definitions]
lacuna a gap or omitted part. [1/2 definitions]
notch a narrow passage or opening between mountains; gap. [1/7 definitions]
opening a gap, hole, or empty space. [1/6 definitions]
pass a means of passage, such as a road, channel, or gap, through which one can travel. [1/30 definitions]
separation a hole or space that separates; gap. [1/4 definitions]
void a break or opening in something; gap. [1/11 definitions]
washout a hole, gap, or channel created by the eroding action of water. [1/4 definitions]