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body shop an automobile garage or shop that specializes in the repair and maintenance of car bodies.
chop shop (informal) a garage or similar place in which stolen automobiles are dismantled and the parts sold or used as spare parts.
correlative in grammar, of or denoting a construction or paired words that indicate alternatives or reciprocal, mutual, or parallel relations, such as "either" and "or" in "He'll come either today or tomorrow" and "both" and "and" in "Both the house and the garage caught fire." [1/4 definitions]
driveway a private road that provides access from a street to a building such as a house or garage.
garage to store or place (a motor vehicle or other object) in a garage. [1/3 definitions]
garage door a door for a garage, usually set on rollers in tracks that allow the door to be raised to an overhead position or lowered to close the entry.
ranch house a single-story house with a low roof, often with an attached garage. [1/2 definitions]
tag sale a garage sale in which the items have their prices marked on them with tags.