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aba a sleeveless outer garment made of this fabric. [1/2 definitions]
amice an oblong, white linen garment worn by clergymen around the neck and shoulders.
apron a garment covering all or part of the front of the body, usu. worn to protect the wearer's clothing. [2/3 definitions]
armhole an opening in a garment meant for the arm to pass through, as into a sleeve.
basque a tightfitting bodice of a woman's dress or other garment.
baste1 to sew temporarily with long, loose stitches, as in temporarily assembling the pieces of a garment prior to final sewing.
bathing suit a garment worn for swimming; swimsuit.
bathrobe a loose garment worn before or after bathing, over nightwear, or casually in the home.
beading lacelike looped edging, or openwork lace trimming through which a ribbon can be run, as on a garment or cloth furnishings. [1/4 definitions]
bed jacket a woman's loose garment designed to be worn over a nightgown while sitting up in bed.
bib and tucker (informal) clothing, esp. one's best garment or outfit.
blanket a thick, rectangular piece of woven material used on a bed for warmth or worn as a garment. [1/5 definitions]
blouse a garment worn on the upper body, usu. by women and children, and having a bodice and optional collar and sleeves. [2/4 definitions]
bodice a laced, sleeveless garment traditionally worn by some peasant women over a blouse. [1/2 definitions]
body stocking a snug, one-piece garment or undergarment, worn usu. by women, that covers the torso and sometimes the legs.
bodysuit a snug, one-piece garment, with or without sleeves, that covers the torso and serves as a shirt.
bosom the portion of a garment that covers the breasts. [1/7 definitions]
bunting3 a hooded sleeping garment for infants.
button any of various small, usually round, fasteners which are attached to a garment and designed to slide through a slit or loop. They may also be used purely for decoration. [1/7 definitions]
buttonhole a small slit in a garment through which a button can be fastened. [1/3 definitions]
caftan a loose, full-length garment with long sleeves and a sash tied at the waist, worn esp. in countries of the Middle East.