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broad-gauge of or pertaining to railroad equipment used on a broad gauge. [1/2 definitions]
float a hollow ball used to operate a valve or gauge, as in a toilet tank or gas tank. [1/14 definitions]
ga. abbreviation of "gauge," a standard of measuring, as for the distance between railroad tracks, the thickness of wire, or the inner diameter of shotgun barrels.
gage2 variant of gauge.
indicator an instrument such as a gauge, meter, or dial that shows the performance of a piece of equipment. [1/3 definitions]
reading the point indicated by a gauge or graded instrument. [1/8 definitions]
tatting lace made by knotting and looping a strand of heavy gauge cotton or linen thread on a small hand shuttle, often used as trimming. [1/2 definitions]
trammel a device used to gauge and adjust the alignment of machinery parts; tram. [1/6 definitions]
water glass a glass water gauge. [1/4 definitions]
wire gauge a gauge calibrated for determining the diameter of wire or thickness of sheet metal.