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evil eye a look or gaze supposedly able to harm the one at whom it is cast. [1/2 definitions]
fasten to fix (one's gaze, attention, or the like) upon something. [1/8 definitions]
level to aim or direct (a weapon, gaze, or the like). [1/15 definitions]
look to give (one) a glance or gaze. [1/12 definitions]
nail to fix (the attention or gaze) on something. [1/7 definitions]
regard to gaze or stare. [1/8 definitions]
rest1 of a look or gaze, to linger on something. [1/20 definitions]
rivet to attract and hold (a person's gaze, attention, interest, or the like) or hold the gaze, attention, or the like of (a person). [1/3 definitions]
stare to gaze at intently. [2/3 definitions]
unmeaning without expression, as one's face or gaze; vacant. [1/2 definitions]