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beget to generate (offspring); cause to begin life, esp. to father. [1/2 definitions]
breeder reactor a nuclear reactor that is designed to produce more fissionable material than it consumes, and thus generate additional fuel for its own operation.
cogeneration the process in which waste energy is used by a factory or the like to generate electricity.
develop to bring into being or operation; generate. [1/10 definitions]
father to generate (a child); beget. [1/10 definitions]
flatulent tending to generate gas in the digestive tract. [1/3 definitions]
funk1 to generate fear in; frighten. [1/5 definitions]
generative grammar a grammar system in which a limited, fixed set of rules can generate or describe an infinitely large variety of sentences in a language.
interfere in physics and electronics, to generate interference, esp. with another wave or signal. [1/5 definitions]
original having the ability to generate or create novel ideas. [1/7 definitions]
race1 an artificial channel through which water moves to generate hydroelectric power. [1/8 definitions]
secrete1 to generate or separate (a fluid or other substance) from an organism's cells or fluids and then release (it) into the organism's system.
self-generate combined form of generate.
solar pond a pond with a top layer of fresh water and a bottom layer of dense hot salty water, used to trap solar energy for use in heating or to generate electricity.
thermopile a device consisting of a series of connected thermocouples, used to generate thermoelectric current or to measure very small changes in temperature.
word processor a computerized device, such as an electronic typewriter, or combination of devices, such as a video screen, program, memory, and printer, used to generate, edit, print, store, duplicate, or transmit text. [1/2 definitions]