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abandon to give up by withdrawing from. [2/6 definitions]
abnegate to give up; relinquish. [1/2 definitions]
bet to agree to give up (usu. money) to another person if one's prediction of some future result does not occur. [1/7 definitions]
call it quits to give up and admit defeat. [1/2 definitions]
cede to give up or surrender, esp. formally.
cry uncle to yield; give up.
discontinue to give up or stop taking or using. [1/5 definitions]
drop to omit or give up. [1/17 definitions]
exchange to give up for another of a similar kind. [1/7 definitions]
expatriate to go into exile from or give up one's allegiance to one's native land. [1/5 definitions]
forget to give up on. [1/10 definitions]
forgo to do without, refrain from, or give up.
forsake to give up or renounce. [1/2 definitions]
forswear to give up or renounce, often with an oath or pledge. [1/3 definitions]
hand over to give up control of; surrender.
leach to yield or give up soluble matter by the same process. [1/9 definitions]
outgrow to give up or lose (personality features, habits, or the like) as one matures or changes. [1/3 definitions]
pull up stakes to move to another location and give up one's home, job, and the like.
quit to resign; give up; decline to take further part in. [2/7 definitions]
quitclaim to give up a right or claim to. [1/2 definitions]
reform to give up bad conduct. [1/5 definitions]