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eagle ray any of a family of marine rays with a sharp, eaglelike head, able to glide very swiftly through the water.
flying fish any of several related marine fishes with stiff, enlarged pectoral or pelvic fins that enable them to glide in the air after leaping from the water.
flying gunnard any of several mostly tropical marine fishes with colorful winglike pectoral fins that enable them to glide above the water for short distances.
glide to cause to glide. [1/9 definitions]
gurnard any of a family of marine fishes having enlarged pectoral fins with which they can glide through the air for short distances; flying gurnard or butterfly fish. [1/2 definitions]
sashay (informal) to flounce or glide along. [1/2 definitions]
skate1 to move along on ice skates or roller skates, or as though on such skates; glide or skim. [1/2 definitions]
skim to fly or glide lightly over. [2/8 definitions]
skitter to skip, bounce, or glide lightly and quickly over a surface. [1/2 definitions]
soar to fly or glide swiftly, effortlessly, and usu. at a great height. [1/4 definitions]
swim to glide or flow as though moving through water. [1/10 definitions]
volplane to glide in or as if in an airplane with the engine turned off. [1/2 definitions]