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bloom a fresh glow or rosiness of the cheeks. [1/8 definitions]
flame to redden or glow. [1/9 definitions]
foxfire a phosphorescent glow from organic matter, esp. from certain fungi that grow on rotting wood. [2 definitions]
gleam a continuous but dim or subdued shining; glow. [2/5 definitions]
ignite to subject to intense heat; cause to glow with heat. [2/5 definitions]
incandesce to glow or cause to glow as a result of heat.
incandescent lamp a lamp or light bulb in which a filament is made to glow by electric current.
lurid emitting a glaringly bright red glow. [1/3 definitions]
phosphorescence the glow or luminescence that is caused by this. [1/2 definitions]
rosy having a healthy, cheerful glow. [1/4 definitions]
shine to give forth or glow with either emitted or reflected light. [2/10 definitions]
white-hot heated so hot as to glow white. [1/2 definitions]