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accompany to go along with (someone or something); join with. [1/3 definitions]
adventure to go ahead despite danger or risk. [1/5 definitions]
amusement park an outdoor place offering games, rides on merry-go-rounds and roller coasters, and the like, and refreshments.
antecede to go before in time, or to be higher in rank or place.
approach to come or go near to. [2/9 definitions]
ascend to go upward; climb; rise. [2/5 definitions]
attend to go along with; accompany or assist. [1/8 definitions]
back to move (something) in the reverse or opposite direction; cause to go backward. [1/15 definitions]
backpack to go camping, hiking, or the like using a backpack. [1/3 definitions]
backtrack to go back to an earlier opinion or policy. [1/2 definitions]
bath (often pl.) an establishment where people go to take a bath or to obtain therapy. [1/5 definitions]
bathe to go swimming. [1/6 definitions]
bear1 to go in a direction; turn. [1/8 definitions]
begone go away (usu. used in imperative).
blend to go together harmoniously. [1/8 definitions]
bolt1 to produce flowers or go to seed prematurely. [1/14 definitions]
-bound going toward, or planning to go to. [1/2 definitions]
buck2 to go forward in a series of jerks. [1/7 definitions]
bypass a highway that is built to go around an obstacle or an area of congestion such as a city. [2/5 definitions]
canter to go or cause to go at a canter. [1/2 definitions]
carousel a merry-go-round. [1/2 definitions]